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Arcade Fire

The suburbs have always spawned poets who flee to the world's great cities. Montreal's Arcade Fire, however, return to the landscapes of their youth and return with the songs of The Suburbs: songs that draw on themes of loss and renewal, of drawing inspiration from scarcity, of generations past and future, of responsibility and maturity, of hoping that something pure can last. The Suburbs, like its namesake, revels in open space, reflections on long drives, and contemplating possibilities. Lyrics decrying wasted time, arms folded tight, and cities with no children are set to sparse pop, icy new wave epics, anthemic punk and lush balladry--all delivered with a breadth and beauty that expands the palette of a band that has never settled for the easy route out of town. The seven-piece band still believes that it takes a village to perform a song, but there is plenty of room to breathe on any given track of The Suburbs; tiny details are doled out bit by bit. That attention to detail, that refusal to accept easy answers, embodies much of what the Arcade Fire does. This fiercely independent band has faced pressure from every corner of the music industry, but they carved out something beyond the grasps of the major label system with great success, a combination of Internet word-of-mouth and old-fashioned live show impressions.


Ticket Prices: $29.50, $45.00 + SC
September 25, 2010 @ 7:30pm


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